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Welcome to the Kirkwall Academy, here, male students from all over the world come to learn from qualified teachers, also male. We hope to see you among us. [HETALIA RP, YAOI, N-18]
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 Irl: it's getting complicated

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Ivan Braginski
Ivan Braginski

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Irl: it's getting complicated  Empty
PostSubject: Irl: it's getting complicated    Irl: it's getting complicated  EmptyWed Jul 13, 2011 6:39 am

Ok, ok... I know I've been talking the talk and not walking the walk lately about being present and I'm sorry. I'm gonna try being there more, but like many may know, or not, I'm still looking for a job, doing voluntary work and losing money. The otakuthon in Montreal and the Montreal comic conventions are coming up, I have costumes to finish ... So yeah, I am a little absent and will do my best to stay active.

Just be parent and I'll respond when I can.

It's a little complicated on a phone...

Irl: it's getting complicated  Tumblr_lifywqKzsY1qeoddqo1_250Irl: it's getting complicated  IvanBraginskiIrl: it's getting complicated  3d444910
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Irl: it's getting complicated
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