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Welcome to the Kirkwall Academy, here, male students from all over the world come to learn from qualified teachers, also male. We hope to see you among us. [HETALIA RP, YAOI, N-18]
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 Wang Yao, aru!

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Wang Yao, aru! Empty
PostSubject: Wang Yao, aru!   Wang Yao, aru! EmptyTue Jul 05, 2011 8:04 pm

Wang Yao, aru! 270372

Nationality: Chinese
Place of birth: Shanghai, China
Age: 23
Gender: Male [ at first glance comes off as a woman. ]
Sexuality: Bisexual

Birthday: September 30, 1987

Religion: Buddhist

Registration Of:

Favorite/usual quote(s): "Aru.", "Aiyahh!", or "S-So...kawaiiiii, aru~!"


Height: 169cm (5' 6.5")
Weight: 120cm
Eye: Amber
Hair: Dark Brown

Apparence: Wears white chenogasm under his school attire. (Makes him feel more comfortable.)
Personality: He is said to have a serious personality, but he often seems cheerful and happy.



Food -
He enjoys food of all kinds, but he prefers Chinese over all, making sure that any Chinese restaurant is authentic enough and getting angry when they're not.

Cute things -
Hello Kitty chief among them. He attempted to get a panda tattoo when he was younger, but it was quickly rejected.

Art and drawing -
Can draw things in real life, but he can't do anything beyond that. So no anime drawings and what not.

His family -
He enjoys their company and acts as mature as he possibly can for them. For them, he would do anything.


X His family -
He doesn't like them when they get on his nerves. Especially his little brother, Yong Soo. And when they don't respect him.

X Ivan and Arthur
For... past and future reasons, you understand. He doesn't enjoy talking to either of them, but will tolerate and work with them to get the job done.

X Food -
Make it right, and he'll love you forever. Make it wrong... and you'll be hated forever (until you make it up in other ways at least).

Relations: His family consists of his little brothers: Kiku Honda, Li Wang, Im Yong Soo, Kaisem Chao and his sisters Mei Wang and Lien Chung.


+Responsible -
He took care of his younger siblings when he was younger.

+Intelligence -
He doesn't like to study a lot, but his grades are high enough that he doesn't care much about this. He will cram for exams though.

+Friendly -
He likes to make new friends through any possible means. So don't be afraid if he suddenly warms up to you after a single meeting.

+Hard Worker -
He doesn't mind working for several hours straight. Just make sure to feed him afterwords


x Holding grudges -
If he feels slighted in the least, he'll remember the one who slighted him for years.

x Motherly -
Whenever he meets someone younger then him, he has a habit of acting like their mother. It's not always appreciated.

x Adult Child -
Tries his best to act as a mentor to others, often giving out advice or nagging. When he's not, he's cheerfully playing with Shinatty and other cute things.

Extra info:


For those he is familiar with or just Asian like himself, Wang is a very inviting man. He acts as a role model for all those young'uns to look up to, though to his despair many of them do not feel as familiar with him as he'd like. He can be bossy to them, as he is one who always worked hard to get things he wanted, and may slip into a lecture or two, having poor victims fall into a daze with harangue speckled with constant "aru"s.

To all others, however, Wang grows much more sceptical. As one with much more age and experience, therefore wisdom, to the "foolish Westerners," he feels the need to take charge. However, usually he's distracted from his duties with his love for food, usually cheeky if one questions why he would choose cuisine over fighting to keep the fortress safe. Though he does make a damn delicious dim sum. He is of an honourable man, and will hold his head high against foreigners, but a bit of humility wouldn't hurt, as people tell him. Or at least not bitch when food someone offers him is less than superb. Throw him anything Hello Kitty-related and he'll shut up.


The day had been dark, gray, and rainy. The scene was so depressing to Wang Yao, that the only things he could think to do for this dismal day was cook some warm comforting food and clean. The day went by peacefully and the scent of all the spices and various ingredients floated in the air. For a while, Yao was able to forget about the rainy mess outside, until he was in the back of his house when he heard a lot of noise coming from his kitchen.

“What's going on, aru?!” China said, alarmed at the noises. “Is there some monster or spirit in my kitchen?”

Quickly, China took his broom, carrying it like a bat, and walked stealthily toward his kitchen. The scent of his freshly prepared food and the noise of the creature that had invaded his home came closer. The sound of clattering dinnerware reached his ears sharply. His heart pounded in his chest harder with every step he took. Yao stood by the kitchen doorway silently, his broom in front of him. I have to be strong! After taking a deep breath, Yao jumped out of the doorway to face the intruder.

“HHYYYYAAAAAAA!” Wang Yao yelled as he slammed the broom down on the head of the intruder who was sitting at his table. It was only after his action, that Yao realized with horror who he had hit. He should have noticed with the mass of silvery blonde hair, large build, and the long blue scarf that his target, was his neighbor Russia. Wang Yao jumped back from his guest in fright, as Ivan turned to him, giving a supposedly warm smile, but to Yao it was unnerving. From the pile of plates and bowls on the table, he could tell that the noise was only Ivan woofing down all of his delicious food. Yet, what could he do now?

“I-I'm sorry, Ivan. I did not know that was you, aru.” Yao tried to laugh it off, but it didn't help at all. “I'm glad you like my food enough to break an entering and I would love to stay and eat with you, but I must finish my cleaning. Perhaps I'll see you later, aru!” With that, Yao scurried out of the kitchen and back into the farthest corner of the house to escape Ivan's presence.

.-'-. ABOUT ME .-'-.

NAME: Alexa L.
AGE: 16
NATIONALITY: American/Chinese/Russian
WEB: xD Friends of course~
SKILL: IDK! People give me 8.6 but I say 6.5 because if a response is slightly confusing, I have a tendency to write less.
PRESENCE: I have MSN, Yahoo, Gmail,
OTHER: I look forward to roleplaying with all you cool cats~ Also I have 3 different roleplaying accounts on other various forums so forgive me if I'm slow to reply and I promise to let people know when/how long I'll be gone.
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Ivan Braginski
Ivan Braginski

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Wang Yao, aru! Empty
PostSubject: Re: Wang Yao, aru!   Wang Yao, aru! EmptyWed Jul 06, 2011 8:51 pm

ok so I need another personne to do the teacher... fine... it's fine.

ok... have fun rp.

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Wang Yao, aru!
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