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 Sidney Fox [School Principal] {WIP}

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Sidney Fox
Sidney Fox

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Sidney Fox [School Principal] {WIP} Empty
PostSubject: Sidney Fox [School Principal] {WIP}   Sidney Fox [School Principal] {WIP} EmptyFri Jul 01, 2011 12:25 am

Sidney Fox [School Principal] {WIP} Ooooooh_yes_by_amayachi_chiyotora-d37z3hw


Name: Sidney Fox

Nationality: New Zealand
Place of birth: Wellington
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual [Seme or Uke]

Birthday: 31 october

Religion: Atheist


Favorite/usual quote(s):
- "Tell your boyfriend if he says hes got beef, that I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fucking scared of him."
- "Love me... Hate me... Whatever.. As Long as you know who took your heart."
- " What lovely music you make."
- " Tears? ... are they for me?"
- " Ha. ha. ha... funny. now scram. "


Sidney Fox [School Principal] {WIP} Ronald_knox_by_ktosia-d3aily0

Height: 177 cm (5'9")

Weight: 124 pounds.

Eye: Two toned Emerald and beetle green eyes.

Hair: Blond on top / black on bottom

Apparence: Sid has thick, wavy hair, the top part of his hair is blonde and the bottom is black, with a small cowlick just to the right of the part in his hair. He wears thick-framed, pentagonal-shaped glasses, and he dresses in a suit, tie, gloves, and dress shoes. However, Sidney's shoes are specifically Oxfords, preferring them to all others. He also wears a watch on his right wrist. He is never perfectly presented, not caring much for perfection in his things.

Personality: He appears to be a rather laid back, easy-going school principal, who apparently has problems with arriving on time. He seems interested in finding a way to accomplish his job quickly, as shown when he says he has never been one for overtime, and with ease, as shown when he wistfully tells that another got to do an easier job. He also seems interested in partying, as he shares with students that he would like to finish a job quickly because he has a party to attend to afterward. His lackadaisical attitude seems to annoy some of the teachers, but he does seem willing to work hard, as he states he will try his best.

He also comes across as respectful, as he uses the some what honorific when talking about people he admires. He is also shown to be a "ladies man", commenting he got his 'citizenship' legally modified by flirting with the receptionist; and treating more than a few people for a drink, "if he returns in one piece" from the any task, even if he only saw the person once.

Unlike other principals, he seems to have a distaste for silence. However, he does not seem to hold the same level of animosity toward it, as he merely comes across as surprised, rather than angry.


Likes: What your characters likes or appreciates (activities, food, colours, etc)

Dislikes: What your character doesn't like or hates. (animals, plants, places, etc)

Relations: Siblings, friends, ennemies... who does your character know?

Talents/Strengths: what are you good at..? A few sentences to describe your character's personal skills, what he is good in the most.

Weaknesses: What are you less good at...? A few sentences to describe your character's personal flaws, what he isn't good in the most.

Extra info: state any info you may have forgotten to put that you feel is important for the characters' sheet


Sidney Fox [School Principal] {WIP} Ronald_knox___colo___edit_by_shinobiqueen-d33nblf

Prostitution: Legal
Since 2003 prostitution has been decriminalized. It is legal for citizens over 18 years old.

Brothel Ownership: Legal
Owners must be over 18 years old, a citizen of New Zealand or Australia, and have an Operator's Certificate. Only applicants with serious criminal convictions will be denied.

Pimping: Legal
No laws against living off the avails of prostitution.

"Parliament tonight passed prostitution law changes when MPs voted 60-59 in favour of a bill which raised passionate debate and drew the strongest opposition from moral conservatives since homosexual law reform 17 years ago.

Labour MP Tim Barnett's Prostitution Reform Bill will become law after nearly three years of scrutiny, 415 hours of debate by Parliament and its committees and 222 public submissions.

It decriminalises prostitution and establishes a legal framework around the sex industry, with licensed brothels operating under public health and employment laws."

"Prostitution Decriminalised, Brothels to be Licensed," New Zealand Herald, June 25, 2003

------------ Knowing that, you will understand ----------------------------------------

Wellington - New Zealand's Capital of Cool

October 31th. Halloween.

In a brothel of Wellington, a halloween went a little awry. It was no ordinary halloween. Everyone knew it, One of the most popular of the the establishment was pregnant and tonight she was giving birth. well that, not everyone knew... Not the clients anyway.

Who was the father? No one really knew that answer. After all, a whore could easily see five, six or even ten clients in one day if she was lucky.

The father could be anyone really.

And all this seemed like a scene from a movie. A child Born... A full mooned halloween night... A dead mother... An unknown father.

"Sid come here"

"Sid do that..."

" Sid clean this..."

Sidney Fox, a name picked up in a story somewhere... Once upon a time.... He did not remember why. He just liked it. He was jumping, slim and cunning, like a fox. and well The first name was a little after the Australian capital.


"If you've got romance on your mind"

"If you'd like to stroll hand in hand"

"If you want to cuddle in the moonlight"

"And whisper, 'ain’t love grand'"

"If you want someone to buy that sweet talk"

"That you guys all love to spout"

"Baby, count me out"

"If you want to dance cheek to cheek"

"Then go home and talk all night long"

"If you want to send somebody flowers"

"And share a stupid song"

"If you want a young man who believes that"

"You’re what his life’s all about"

"Baby, count me out"

"I’ve been there"

"I’ve done that"

"It’s nowhere"

"It’s old hat"

"Forget those thoughts you’re thinking, mister"

"And just regard me as your brother"

"If you want to send valentines"

"If you want to write poetry"

"Here’s a little change; go call somebody"

"Who doesn’t look like me"

"And if you’ve got plans to fall in love"

"Without a shadow of a doubt"

"Baby, count me out"

"That's what I said"

"I said baby, count me out"

"Hound dog"

.-'-. ABOUT ME .-'-.

NAME: Pat [Ivan Braginski, this is my second account like promised]
AGE: 21
WEB: huh, well... I created it... duh! XD
SKILL: 7-8
PRESENCE: 3-4 [I'm either on this account or Russia when I'm not busy irl]

OTHER: Be good boys... Girls... role-players! Be good!

Sidney Fox [School Principal] {WIP} Kids_these_days____by_surrealistic_fantasy-d38f13f
Tell your boyfriend if he says hes got beef...
That I'm a vegetarian and I ain't fucking scared of him.
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Sidney Fox [School Principal] {WIP}
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