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Welcome to the Kirkwall Academy, here, male students from all over the world come to learn from qualified teachers, also male. We hope to see you among us. [HETALIA RP, YAOI, N-18]
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 Abel Anersan <<Student>> ((WIP))

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PostSubject: Abel Anersan <<Student>> ((WIP))   Mon Jun 13, 2011 9:48 pm


Name: Abel Anersan

Nationality: Denmark/Danish
Place of birth: Copenhagen
Age: 23
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Homosexual

Birthday: January 1st 1988

Religion: Christian

Registration Of: STUDENT

Favorite/usual quote(s):
"I know you want to have fun with your, King~"
"Bow down to your King~"
"Dude.. I saw a troll...that shit his for real..."


Height: 6' 0"

Weight: 150

Eye: Crystal Blue

Hair: Blond

Abel is the second tallest of the Nordic Countries and is the most odd looking. With his wild blond bangs and hair moving in different directions, Almost resembling the other Dutch Man's hair style. When he's in his homeland, Abel wears a large trench coat, bearing black and red. He also sports a small black hat on the top of his head, where the wild bangs split. Under his coat he wears a red dress shirt and a black tie and red pants with large boots. Like every one else that attends, he wears the required academy uniform.

Able declares himself as the "King of Northern Europe". He also has a habit of talking in Ibaraki Dialect. Aside from those things, he's a youthful vigor and humorous man. Sadly, Abel can be stubborn, bossy and VERY demanding, and the to a point on time were it is very difficult to get along with him.



1) Being called: "King"
2) Nice People
3) Being the Bottom...
4) Not having to do homework/assignments/projects
5) Good Food
6) Getting lots of attention
7) His hair

1) Haters
2) People who try to touch his hair
3) Fast sex and fast kisses
4) Homework...School itself.

Nordics - He is like a big brother to all of them, but they all hate him.. for his personality obviously.

Others: N/A

Talents/Strengths: One thing Abel is good at is using an axe. Small to large, he can use them great. Mostly for cutting down wood or just fighting. He is also great in sketching and yelling at people.

Weaknesses: One weakness he has is being hated by too many. Abel can stand being hated by some, just not a lot, bringing down his self a steam is horrible for his health..according to him at least. Another one is probably having to share anything with someone.

Extra info: N/A


Your character's history here. It needs to be mostly hand written. You can use web sources. Mostly put the important info. Doesn't have be novel sized, but make it interesting. Minimum five full good paragraphs.


Insert sample post of your character here. We expect at least two paragraphs. It should be written by third person and in past tense.

.-'-. ABOUT ME .-'-.

NAME: Shawn
AGE: 18
WEB: From a friend on FB

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Abel Anersan <<Student>> ((WIP))
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